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K. Rajagopalan, E. Madirov, D. Busko, I.-A. Howard, B.-S. Richards, H.-C. Swart, A. Turshatov (2023): "High Quantum Yield Shortwave Infrared Luminescent Tracers for Improved Sorting of Plastic Waste" ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 15, 37, 43985–43993 (Payable Article)

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S. Ügdüler, T. Van Laere, T. De Somer, S. Gusev, K.-M. Van Geem, A. Kulawig, R. Leineweber, M. Defoin, H. Van den Bergen, D. Bontinck, S. De Meester (2023): "Understanding the Complexity of Deinking Plastic Waste : An Assessment of the Efficiency of Different Treatments to Remove Ink Resins from Printed Plastic Film" Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol. 452, 2023

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