Progress & Milestones

During the project, milestones will be continuously monitored to analyse the progress of CIRCULAR FoodPack. These milestones represent important steppingstones towards the project objectives.

The CIRCULAR FoodPack consortium will first analyse waste generation and collection status of mono and MLC flexible packaging waste in Europe, in order to implement a preliminary sustainability assessment on new and baseline scenarios defined with consistent process flow schemes. Based on collected data sets, the pilot design for the CIRCULAR FoodPack recycling procedure will be finalized. After then proofing a barrier concept (packaging design) for food contact packaging the production of high quality, recyclable packaging laminates for flexible food packaging will be ensured. By up-scaling the prototypes for purification, pre-treatments and recycling the recyclate quality for food grade packaging will be optimised. Finally, the CIRCULAR FoodPack consortium will provide a technical and economical safety validation for closed-loop technologies of food packaging.

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