Circular Plastics

The Circular Plastics Cluster is a joint activity of seven EU-funded projects aiming at making plastics more circular. The participating projects are CIRCULAR FoodPack, CIMPA, MERLIN, REMADYL, SOL-REC2, BUDDIE PACK and R3PACK. Their common objective is to boost the collection, sorting, cleaning, reuse, recycling, and manufacturing of plastic products, including complex and multilayer materials. As such, the cluster projects aim to cover the whole value chain in order to create a fully safe and sustainable circular model for plastic packaging waste. The Circular Plastics Cluster was initiated in order to join forces and create more impact for more circularity in plastic packaging.

The proposed solutions of the Circular Plastics Cluster are the following:

  • Developing reuse schemes optimizing the economic and environmental factors
  • Drivers to foster adoption by consumers of new consumption habits
  • Profitable and sustainable business models
  • A comprehensive sustainability assessment of the developed value-chains
  • Novel mono-material packaging
  • Innovative technologies to improve the sorting, cleaning, separation, and recycling of plastic and multi-layer material

Get more information in our factsheet and in the video.

The Circular Plastics Cluster was kindly supported by ICONs and the Horizon Results Booster.

Plastics Recycling World Expo
Cluster members at the Plastics Recycling World Expo, the first joint dissemination activity.

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