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30 Nov 2023

Milestone achieved – Successful production of high quality, recyclable packaging laminates with PCR PE for flexible food packaging

Our project partner AMCOR has successfully integrated 50% post-consumer polyethylene recyclates (PCR PE) from the CIRCULAR FoodPack project into a triplex laminate film on an industrial scale for the first time. The laminate fulfils the technical requirements for contact sensitive packaging by incorporating functional barriers, which were validated through migration testing. The film contains a total of 50% PCR, with 70% PCR in a main layer, and is Design 4 Recycling compliant. Furthermore, the laminate is printed in blue, yellow, black and white, no magenta (CYK+W)[1] with the incorporation of tracers so that it can be reintegrated in the recycling cascade in a closed loop thanks to the Tracer-Based-Sorting technology used[2]. The structure also contains a delamination primer to ensure the high quality PCR production during recycling with the deinking, purification and deodourization technologies of the project partners[3]. The final laminate structure has been converted into an actual packaging format by Nestlé and is being validated for the barrier properties, both technical and on a migration level at Fraunhofer IVV.

The aim of CIRCULAR FoodPack project is to recycle flexible packaging material from collected and sorted post-consumer waste in such a way that the recyclates can be integrated into the project’s redesigned flexible mono-materials for food packaging. The “design-for-circularity” is crucial in order to create laminates with PCR-content that meet industry requirements and safety regulations.

Triplex laminate film with 50% PCR PE from CIRCULAR FoodPack © Amcor
Triplex laminate film with 50% PCR PE from CIRCULAR FoodPack © Nelly Freitag
Triplex laminate film with 50% PCR PE from CIRCULAR FoodPack produced on an industrial scale ©Amcor
… produced on an industrial scale ©Amcor











[1] The colour choice has been made to imitate a realistic complex decor, and distinguish the laminates from other project material.
[2] Tracer-Based-Sorting Technology is being developed by the project partner Polysecure in CIRCULAR FoodPack project.
[3] Delamination primer is a development of the project partner SIEGWERK. Deinking, purification, and deodourization processes are developed by Ghent University, Fraunhofer IVV and Kreyenborg, respectively in CIRCULAR FoodPack.


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